First 4 Days Trading – Positive Results!

I started using Binary Pro Cloner on Tuesday and my results are positive. I am making a consistent return and winning around 80% of trades.

Today I’ve already won 100% of trades (4 in a row) which is very positive and I am pleased with what has happened. I think I will make my final verdict towards the middle of next week.

I’m confident in the results but I don’t want to jump the gun and recommend it. I will wait until a few more days trading results have come in so that I can give a real review and tell you exactly how my trades played out.

Check back soon for that information :)


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Binary Pro Cloner – Is It A Scam?

You might be wondering whether Binary Pro Cloner is a scam. Let me tell you, I have experienced scams first hand in the binary options niche. There are plenty of them to say the least but so far I’m impressed by Binary Pro Cloner.

My results are positive and I’m seeing around 80% winning ratio. I always think it’s important to have a good amount of trades before you can make a verdict on a system so I’m not recommending it just yet, however I will update again over the coming days to keep you posted on my results.


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Binary Pro Cloner Software

Welcome to my review blog for Binary Pro Cloner.

This is actually the first review I have done in about a month. I’ve been busy testing a few different systems out behind the scenes but now I’m ready to review some new binary systems that have recently launched, the first of which is Binary Pro Cloner.

So a few days ago I heard about this and decided to check it out. Essentially it allows you to copy a pro binary trader so it sounds very good.

I followed the instructions and made a deposit at the broker. I was given a matching deposit bonus which was cool as it’s allowed me to have more balance to trade with in my account.

So far I have had 3 trading days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week) and my results are looking good. I’ve averaged 80% winning ratio and should it continue I will be very impressed.

I will update again soon.

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